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Enhance Lives, Sell More, Feel Good


We’re Changing the Way the World Thinks 

About Selling

Selling empowers people to leave hell and find heaven. 

Whether they are hoping for  advancement, enhancement, pride or prestige; desiring comfort, pleasure, or satisfaction; seeking solutions, systems, or transformation; or they are just wishing for less cost, less worry, less hassle, or less stress- people are perpetually seeking positive change. 


Noble Profession

Selling makes positive change possible


sleazy, manipulative trickery.


People want to buy, but they don't want to be "sold". Today's customers are more savvy, educated, and informed than ever before. Today's sales masters are ethical, empathetic, trusted, and appreciated.

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The Enneagram is a powerful system for understanding deep human motivation and the perfect tool for salespeople who want to master themselves, and authentically influence others.  


Synergism is about creating mutually advantageous outcomes.


Rather than the usual push/resist persuasion dynamic, Synergistic Selling equips you to explore problems, desires, needs, or opportunities and easily  demonstrate how your product or service is the perfect solution. 

One of the biggest differentiators between Synergistic Selling and other methods is incorporating the Enneagram to personalize presentations, and using the "no rejection" process to ensure the highest possible closing ratio and the lowest chance of causing negative responses and rejection. 

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Neuroscientists have made great strides in understanding how humans make decisions - what causes action, inaction, stress, confusion, buying that feels regrettable or dissatisfying, and buying that is rewarding and satisfying.

The Synergistic Selling Program incorporates all this wisdom to help you masterfully guide and serve, rather than push and cajole. 


Stephanie Davis is educated in Psychology, Business and Systems Theory. She achieved the top sales position in a Fortune 500 company before training salespeople all over the world with her Syntergistic Selling method. Her training & sales consulting have resulted in over a billion dollars in sales for her clients.


Stephanie is a lifelong learner and one of only about a dozen people certified and "accredited with distinction" by the International Enneagram Association. She is also certified as a Master Trainer of NLP and other cutting-edge influence technologies.

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With Synergistic Selling You'll: 

  • Stay confident & motivated 

  • Quickly establish rapport

  • Position yourself as a trusted advisor

  • Appeal to different buying styles

  • Use stories & metaphors to shift minds

  • Masterfully present with ease

  • Powerfully use purposeful questions

  • Set up the sale for solid satisfaction

  • Smoothly handle objections

  • Close more sales

  • Never be "rejected" again 

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Dale Manning

“What a delightful seminar! One of the best we have ever seen. You are great, enjoyable, and most of all, informative.
Sure to boost our sales!"

Robert Chin

"Your presentation was unique and provided our salesforce with professional skills for overall upgrade and improvement" 

Alan Sweetow

"Your enthusiasm, energy and presentation were absolutely terrific. Rarely have I been so impressed in over 20 years of sales management and training"

Mohd Krim Chalit

"Your motivational skills and presentation content were excellent and resulted in our recent performance improvement"

John Kilby

"Your training was motivational, sound, substantive, and most of all, effective. People are

excited with their new

tools and

sales are up!"

Andrew Kong

"You are an excellent trainer with rare qualities and positive benefits. I strong recommend you to any organization wanting to increase sales"

Loy Tiek Ngan

"Sincere thanks and appreciation for your stimulating and rewarding sessions. You have given us the competitive edge!"

Bruce Martin

"Your presentation was one of the best we have ever seen. We enthusiastically recommend you to
anyone else"

Dennis Bilden

Every member of our team was very positive with compliments on your presentation and are ready to increase sales!"

Jonathan England

“Understanding the Neuroscience and Enneagram makes all the difference. Thanks
so much!"

Garima Seth

"Understanding my personality and the information about how and when different techniques work under different circumstances was a goldmine. I highly recommend this!

Sean Rainwater

“This is going to help take my business to the next level. I was surprised at how the Enneagram piece can help. It has been an amazing experience."
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